The possibly most transformative coaching for ambitious women in leadership positions who want to overcome doubts, fears, and stress, develop confidence and composure in handling challenges, and are ready to experience success and fulfillment in their professional and personal lives!

What would be possible for you as a female leader personally and professionally if you were no longer held back by self-doubt, fears, and uncertainty? How much easier would your daily life be if you didn’t have to fight so hard for your reputation? What would be different for you if you could find more inner stability and peace instead of feeling restless? How much more fulfillment could you experience if you could quickly move past difficult conversations and challenging situations without overthinking, without feeling guilty, without blaming yourself?

Would you like me to support you in gaining self-confidence, handling challenges calmly, and being persuasive without compromising yourself? Then let’s talk and find out together if and how I can support you!



A crystal-clear vision of how you want to develop as an ambitious woman.


Reveal hidden barriers to success and fulfillment that unconsciously hold you back.


Energized and inspired after the coaching session to realize your vision.

Would you like me to support you in gaining self-confidence, handling challenges calmly, and being convincing without compromising yourself?

Imagine you have already achieved this goal. How do you feel now? Your feeling of insecurity slowly gives way to a sense of joy and inner strength in an amazing way. Perhaps you also feel a desire to reach your goal faster. There are three essential prerequisites for you to succeed. You need:



A crystal-clear vision of your desired goal. You need to know exactly what you want and how to align your inner mindset for success to achieve your goal.



The knowledge of how to uncover and overcome hidden barriers to success, so you don’t hinder your progress and can enable permanent changes.


The right emotional state to confidently pursue your goal even in difficult moments, without letting doubts and uncertainties derail you.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you didn’t have to fight so hard (and so alone) to break through to the next level of success and fulfillment?

Perhaps you’ve also wondered how to handle difficult situations because you fear that making the wrong decision could lead to conflicts – something you definitely want to avoid. Do you often worry because you are attacked by others or constantly questioned? Or do situations that trigger anger, uncertainty, or even fears weigh on you? Perhaps you also tend to underestimate your own abilities, downplay your successes, and hesitate because you don’t want to be seen as too ambitious.

If you’re like many women in leadership positions, you might have a tremendous fear of being judged for your higher goals that extend far beyond your role as a leader. The fear of failure or outstanding success could lead you to postpone your goals and distance yourself even further from your longings and visions by holding back or escaping into busyness. But what would be possible for you if you expressed your greatness in a way that deeply inspires yourself and others?


“When you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.” The words of the Chinese philosopher Laozi point to the truth.

Maybe it reassures you to know that for successful coaching, you don’t need to know how to achieve your goals—and you don’t even need absolute clarity on what you want to achieve. But you do need to be open to transformation and changing your perspective. During the coaching program, you will discover the proven steps that have already enabled many clients to achieve their heart’s desires. I will be by your side, believing in you until you believe in yourself. It starts with the decision to find out how I can support you on your journey. Let’s talk and discover together if and how I can support you!

What do you really want to be, do, have? Perhaps you want to:

More self-confidence and composure


To be more persuasive in leadership


Get over difficult conversations quickly


Be capable of handling interpersonal conflicts


Confidently deal with changes


Handle pressure successfully


Get rid of guilt feelings and self-doubt


How you as a female leader gain confidence in yourself, handle challenges calmly, and become persuasive without having to compromise yourself.


1:1 Coaching

In the one-on-one coaching sessions, we will overcome your blockages and obstacles together and significantly accelerate your development.



Proven and carefully developed tools will provide you with the opportunity to gain even deeper insights and breakthroughs.



The 24/7 premium support offers you seamless assistance for questions or when you need encouragement and clarity.


Lukas Tobler offers a bridge between everyday worldly and spiritual personal development. Through his coaching, he has enabled me to find new paths, using his empathy, guidance, questions, challenges, and opportunities for reflection to reach my next level of personal development.

Antje K.

Lukas was able to look behind the scenes of my blockades. In a very mindful and sensitive manner, he guided me in our conversations to my limits, only to overcome them together. For the subsequent implementation aimed at a lasting change in behavior, I always received the “tools,” ideas, and action strategies that were personally suitable for me. I got to know and love myself.

Helga H.

What impressed me most about coaching with Lukas was his ability to understand me. Direct, quick, and uncomplicated. He identifies and brings out the best in others. His quick grasp combined with clear language helps in the process of change and, accordingly, in manifesting the new constructive path. In addition, I was treated extremely professionally, individually, reliably, and courteously.

Marina W.

Lukas Tobler has a great charisma and a clear and understandable way of explaining even complicated issues. He addresses the needs of his clients and implements requests or suggestions promptly whenever possible. His good mood is infectious, in short, he is a great coach!

Ute S.

Lukas is very authentic and supports in an inspiring way with his expertise. Through him, new levels and possibilities opened up for me to live a liberated and fulfilling life. Thank you very much, Lukas!