High performance in sports isn´t just the result of hard training. Top athletes and successful people know that training their minds and having the right attitude is just as important.

I experienced first-handed how this applies to all areas of life. In 2001, I reached the World´s Top 10 in flat water kayaking. A lot of it I attribute to being aware that we can change our reality through adjusting our inner attitude.

Nevertheless, after the end of my sports career, I found myself at my lowest point in life and suddenly had no idea how to carry on living.

Looking back, it dawned on me that this tipping point was the beginning of a new life beyond sports. I not only gained clarity and let go of my fears, but I discovered my purpose and potential.

Today I know that everybody has an amazing potential within him. But only by expressing this potential can we lead a truly happy and fulfilled life and at the same time inspire others to do the same.

As a coach and trainer, I inspire and help top achievers across all fields, who are out of balance, have major breakthroughs and lead more successful, present, meaningful and fulfilled lives.

What qualifies me to do so? My experience as a top athlete, physical therapist, coach and speaker and last but not least the feedback and many lessons learned from my own challenges.


Lukas Tobler
Coach & Speaker